Inspired by the big news which created the buzz in

the media  about the Panama Papers I decided to...

He is a star of the international politics and takes an active role in the global issues, such as the situation in Syria...

The daily life and struggles of people living

in an apartment building...

Football and beer, both together are

a promise for a exciting evening.

During the French President's visit to Washington,

Trump did not miss an opportunity to...

zero home waste.jpg

Berlin-based lifestyle magazine "Transform" asked

me to make an illustration for an article.


Why the trends of the 80s are still on going? Why these trends, in fashion, in music, are still standing after years?


Small story for children I created four years ago 

during my studies at the Btk in Berlin.

When North Corea shot another Missil next the Japan and the United Nations declared to set harder conditions...

A personal editorial project about the solution

for a sustainable pollination.


December arrived, christmas is coming, but all the

terrasses are closed, the joy to sit outside and enjoying...


My work shows an apocalyptic scenario in which

butchers and vegans would wage a war without mercy.


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