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Jims is a Belgian chain of fitness gyms that offers a wide variety of individual and collective courses. This prototype of application is my personal project.

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Once you created your account, 
you can easily manage your 
timetable. See which other courses 
your favourite coach proposes.

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Each course that you are registered for will be added to your personal timetable.

Have a clear overview
of all the courses.

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Choose between a great variety

of courses and find 
all informations about them.

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You will get notifications, 
in any case if 
something changes.

Quickly subscribe to the
course you want.

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Kitchen Aid

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Maximilien Weiss

Tel: +32 (0)487 65 82 62

© 2020 Maximilien Weiss

all right reserved. For any

use of the content you need 

the permission of the illustrator.

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